Why are Backpacks preferred for Schools students

The days are gone from most of the schools in America to have private lockers for every student. The days are gone struggling with the lock combinations. The days are gone struggling with the arrangements of the books and stuff in the locker. The days are gone about struggling with the hallways with the school bell. The backpack took their place. It makes you be organized with your things. But with every good thing, there is a bad side too. Recently, arguments are carried out if the backpacks are suitable for growing kids or they will have serious issues instantly or at the later part of their life. So, what are the pros and cons of backpacks?

Benefits of Backpacks

For making your kids stay organized backpacks do help a lot. It helps to keep essential items in it, and your kids would know what essential items they have to carry for that day and keep the other things at home. They have packs for everything from the books, school supplies, and important personal items like cell phones inside the backpack. There are zippers and pouches to organize these items in the backpack. This not only serves your kids to be organized but also helps them learn to keep it neat and clean. These days they are also made with separate pouches for laptops as this is a growing demand.

Concerns with Laptop

There is no denying fact that backpacks may cause long-term effects on the people carrying them. If for a long time a heavy backpack is carried it might get someone in some severe damages physically, like stress on muscles and bones. This may give rise to spasms of neck and back. Students should be aware of their stature and the amount of weight on a backpack, as they are directly proportional. Most of the health experts recommend that one shouldn’t carry more than 10 to 20 percent of their weight on a backpack.

Use backpack Safely

There is a guideline issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Following which can help your kid minimize the adverse effects of the backpacks. You should ensure that the backpack your kid is wearing is appropriately designed and positioned, better buy it from known companies like Backpackcnd.com so that it has the best designs and positions so that it doesn’t hurt your kid. Use wide straps and ask your kid to wear the backpack on their both shoulders. The straps should be adjustable so that they allow smooth blood flow.