Top hideout destinations of world tours.

There’s nothing better than travelling, right? Well, if you are not only visiting a new place, but you also have all prepared in a way you only have to be concerned about enjoying and living new experiencesthe situation is much better. That’s the reason why, nowadays, luxury travel agencies that take us to different places of our world are growing significantly.

Even though, more and more people venture and go all over the world to discover new places. ¿Which are the most recommendable corners of the world?

Tours are in considerable growth

Here we’re talking about go over the world, about doing a tour through several corners beyond the Top 3 touristic destinations (with Spain in the 3rdposition of the podium just after France and EE.UU.). This fact has caused the rise of world tours among the wide travelling offer: we’re tired of cruises and all-included resorts where we’re locked up instead of be discovering and exploring the world. Furthermore, since we don’t have many free days and the number of destinations when visiting great corners of the world are almost infinites, we get stressed even before starting our adventure.

Attending all those reasons, a tour is the best formula to get some rest while you’re visiting the best of each corner without the stress of schedules, journeys and costs overruns.

Offers around the five continents

People going to Paris only visit the city of lights, they don’t even think about what the resto of France and Western Europe can offer them.However, those who are going to Bangkok don’t do it just to enjoy the Thai capital: they want to imbue themselves with the Eastern Asian spirit, they’re looking for exoticism, discovering virgin jungle… Which places of the world invite to thoroughly visit them from west to east and north to south with a touristic circuit?

  • Oriental Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.Three wonderful countries that are the representation of Africa as we’ve seen it in films, so we strongly recommend going across them and not to stay in a specific point: The Serengeti ecosystem, Maasai Mara, Victoria Falls, Zanzibar beaches and, of course, a safari are some examples of what we can find in this astonishing cornerof the world.
  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania:Why resign yourself to visit just one Baltic capital when you can go across the three of them? It’s difficult to choose which from these three countries is the most beautiful, so it’s pretty common and popular visiting all of them from north to south.
  • India:travelling to Indian subcontinent and discovering its hugeness and richness allows visiting several exotic corners with different environments without leaving this magic country. The popular Taj Mahal, the Thar dessert, colourful cities such as Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, the sacred Ganges river, the massive city of Mumbai… a whole world of sensations is waiting for you!