Top 5 public parks to visit in Barcelona

There are many great public parks to enjoy during your holidays in Barcelona. In every district of the city you can find parks and outdoor spaces to stroll, enjoy nature inside the city or just play and spend an entertaining morning. So no matter where your holiday apartment is in Barcelona, you will probably find one of these amazing parks close to you:


Ciutadella is one of the best parks in Barcelona, ​​as well as an important lung of the city. Next to the Barcelona Zoo, in this park you can enjoy a lot of corners and organize a picnic in its green areas, go cycling, take awalk, discover its fountain and take a boat on the pond. There’s also a Giant Mammoth that kids will definitely love.

Grec Gardens

The Gardens of the Grec theater are a hidden and not so known corner of the city that you should definitely visit. Its name is given by the outdoors theater you will find in this gardens, which is frankly a delight to visit by day.

The amphitheater, the viewpoint, its central garden, its flowers and the unbeatable views over the city. Moreover, during the summer and spring months many concerts and theater plays are scheduled in this amphitheater during the hot nights, if you have the chance to attend to some of these, don’t hesitate to visit Holiday apartments Lytham

Joan Miró Park

This isa huge space in the middle of the city of Barcelona, ​​next to PlaçaEspanya and very close to the Sants Station. There are several well differentiated areas in this park. On one hand there is an ideal esplanade to bike even with a circuit for scooters. On the other hand, there is also a children area and another area for walking dogs.

There’s alsoa library inside this park, with a terrace for drinks and an area with cushions to sit on the floor and many organized activities for children.

Güell Park

The Güellpark is undoubtedlyt he most famous park in Barcelona. It has served as the setting for countless films, photo shoots, and inspirations for a multitude of artists. It was built by Antonio Gaudí between 1900 and 1914. From this park you can also get one of the best views over the skyline of Barcelona. A few years ago the entrance to the park was free, however during the last years the City Council has decided to charge a ticket.

Montjuic Park

Montjuic isn’t a park nor a garden, it’s actually a mountain. A mountain full of corners, parks, fountains, statues, even museums and a castle. It’s also a good spot to enjoy Barcelona’s skyline during the sunset or to have a slow bike ride.

This are the 5 parks you shouldn’t miss when visiting Barcelona, but anyway there are many more. Such as La Tamarita, Villa Cecilia, LaberintD’Horta, or the Cervantes Park. If you’ve got enough time, take some time to discover these corners too.