Tips For Traveling For Those With A Disability

When it comes to traveling and going on vacations, there isn’t much that is drastically different for those with a disability from those without. Traveling can be challenging for anyone, but doing some research before you go will result in a more accessible trip for everyone! Many major vacation destinations have made advances towards accommodating travelers with limited mobility.

Prior to planning a trip and preparing your wheelchair accessible van, put a lot of thought into deciding where to go visit, what hotels to stay at, and which routes to take. A little preparation before you go on a trip will pay off in the long run, when your trip goes off with no major hiccups. At Bussani Mobility, we’ve compiled a few tips to help make traveling with disabilities easier and more enjoyable for all.

Plan Ahead

With or without a disability, it is important to plan ahead for any trip that you are planning on taking. There will be plenty of ways for you to visit all of the tourist attractions that you’ve been eyeing for months. Some routes will have accommodations for wheelchairs, such as ramps, smooth pavement, and flat terrain. Not all tourist locations will have these accommodations. Prior to arriving at the various destinations on your itinerary, spend some time researching the accessibility of sidewalks, bus routes, subway stations, and the location of accessible entrances to buildings. Taking the time to figure out all the details prior to arrival will eliminate any challenges that you might face when you arrive.

Book Hotels in Advance

Most hotels have a limited number of accessible rooms available, which means rooms with features like roll-in showers will go quick. Because there are a limited number of rooms available, it is essential to book a hotel as soon as possible. Not only will booking a hotel in advance ensure that you are able to get an accessible room, you’ll generally get a better rate by booking early, compared to waiting till the last minute. When booking, it is advisable to speak with someone at the hotel to discuss exactly what your needs will be while staying at the hotel.

Have a Backup Plan

Even the best laid plans can experience hiccups along the way. When it comes to your overall safety and personal enjoyment on a trip, it is advised to travel with someone who can help during the trip in the event that anything unplanned for happens. Be sure to have spare parts to your wheelchair, and have a backup plan in case of emergencies.

Relax and Enjoy

The most important part of going on a trip is when your ability to relax and enjoy your stay. You’ve done all the planning and preparing that you can. Now enjoy all the benefits of your hard work! You’ve prepared for anything that could happen, so don’t waste your precious vacation time stressing. Let loose and have fun!

Bussani Mobility works hard to get you mobile, and to get you out there to have an enjoyable experience on any trip that you embark on. We have wheelchair accessible vans for sale or lease so that you can have an enjoyable trip that you’ve been planning and preparing for. Check out our selection of accessible vehicles today!