Plovdiv Tour – Exciting Trip To Visit Old Town Plovdiv In Europe

Plovdiv is one of the oldest living cities in Europe. It is famous due to its historical monuments such as Ancient theatre, charming old town, Roman stadium and others. The Plovdiv tour provides walking tour and it begins at central post station. It is one of the projects to the non-governmental company association 365 that organize the same tour in the city. The main aim of the association is to popularize the Bulgaria image as the cultural center, Bulgaria, place for investment and others.

Timing of Plovdiv tour

This tour is entertaining and fun walking tour of the oldest city in Plovdiv. Every day, the trip is started at 11.00 AM and end at 6.00 PM (in the month of May to September). And the trip end at 2.00 PM (in the month of October and April). The Plovdiv sightseeing tour is organized by the local guide from the non-profit business. The travel company also provides the airport transfer service from the Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Greece to Bulgaria. You can book the ticket through email without the payment.  

Highlights of Plovdiv tour

It is one kind of the walking tour of the oldest city. This tour supports the multicultural exchange. The visitors can visit the Roman stadium that is built by Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century. The stadium is the largest structure of Ancient Roman Empire and Bulgarian revival-era old town. Stroll with the Plovdiv oldest town and it is famous for the architecture of Bulgarian Renaissance. The travelers have the opportunity to visit the Mary cathedral assumption.

Activity includes in walking tour

In the free plovdiv tour, there is a huge range of the activity is included such as the Roman stadium, English speaking guide, Gossip girls, Auylyak and kapana, old town, and others. In addition, the visitors also visit some places such as Ethnographic Museum, Hills, Yellow school, sweetheart, and others.

Plovdiv locals for the best insiders look at the second largest city of Bulgaria. This tour is an ideal choice for both the educational and fun tour to Plovdiv. Main programs in Europe such as Plovdiv sightseeing, Refuge tours, Kapana tour, culture, Refugee tour, and others. The main mission of Plovdiv tour is to improve the tourist service quality in Bulgaria. It helps to engage the people in the active civil participation and create the condition to encourage the cultural exchanges.