Is it true that Machu Picchu is closing in 2018?

Is it true that Machu Picchu is closing in 2018?

We recently have identified a few trends in some forums online such as Trip Advisor or Lonely planet where people have been suggesting the idea that Machu Picchu will be closing in 2018. So, we want to be extremely clear about it, No, Machu Picchu will not be closing in 2018 or in 2020. Our friends in Peru have written an extensive article on this topic a few months ago and we want to share it here with you.

Some people think that Machu Picchu is overrated, which is fine but that is not a reason to think that Machu Picchu will be shutting down in the future.

What has been the case and this has been circulating, and many prominent media outlets is that there have been some changes in the rules for visiting Machu Picchu. These new rules involve a change in the way people access to this wonder of the world, which from July 1st has split the access to Machu Picchu into two shifts. One of them in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. The logic behind it is to regulate the enormous number of people coming to visit this ancient Incan town.

These new rules, however, do not imply that Machu Picchu will be closed or the Inca Trail will be closing permanently.

So, make your plans for future reservations for Machu Picchu and always choose locally operated travel companies for your excursions.