Getting Visa for Vietnam Trip – Ground Rules for Australian Citizens

Applying for the visa should be the first thing to be done by an Australian citizen while planning to visit Vietnam for any purpose. Since the year 1996, the rule of Vietnam visa process for Australians dictated that any Australian with a valid passport can get the visa after arriving in the country and collect the visa from the Vietnam International Airport itself.

However, you can also arrange the visa before departing from Australia. You can even get the visa via Vietnam Embassy situated in different Australian regions like Canberra, Sydney, and Perth. You need to go through the visa procedure suggested by the embassy and follow the guidelines obtained from there. Apart from these two methods, you can also pick your visa at least five months before the journey commences.

Here are the details of the three mentioned process that you must follow to have a smooth journey.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival – What do you need to do?

For this process, the first thing you need is a visa approval letter. For doing so, you need to visit and submit the application form in there. It is a wholly secured network. So, you can be assured of the privacy of your information.

After the submission, you can expect to receive the approval letter. You will be eligible to make the journey with it. You will get your final visa stamp after arriving in any of Vietnam International Airports.

Vietnam Visa via Consulate – How it goes?

You have to visit the same website and download the application form instead of filling it online. Fill it up and attach it with your passport, a colored passport photo, a paid envelope for the reply along with the visa fee.

The fee is different based on the time span and purpose of your visit. Whether you are about to come back after the trip or not is also counted. The amount can be paid via cash or cheque with “payable to the Consulate General of the S.R. of Vietnam in Sydney” written on it. You can also do it in person. Get the address of the nearby consulate to your city and get it done accordingly.

Vietnam Visa before the trip

Well, it is recommended to go by this particular process and get the visa done much before the trip. For this, consulting with a reliable travel agent is the best idea. There are some agencies in Australia those specialize in preparing Vietnam visa for Australians for many years now. You can check their service guarantee and transparency of operations beforehand.

Going through the customers’ feedback is also going to be quite helpful to assess the company profile more vividly. The best of the lot will make your trip smooth and simple with minimal hassle. And for that, they require nothing but a reasonable charge. You will be getting the visa in hand without any wastage of time.

Last words

Make sure the passport you are going use is a valid up to at least six months ahead of your arrival. Deciding on multiple or single trips is crucial. If you are planning to come back to Australia on the same trip, you need to mention that in the application form you submit before you leave Australia as it cannot be changed later.