German Accent – Learn It The Easiest Way!

You create an instant great impression of yourself if you can speak a foreign tongue. It’s a fact. And if you speak that tongue with the right accent, you will be remembered for times to come by the people who met you. It’s that impressionable, being a multi-linguist.

But when in school, it’s more about passing the language exam rather than acing the accent and the tongue unless you really want to. It’s obvious. It’s school. It’s difficult. You don’t need to, rather you don’t want to learn the vowels and consonants and the dictionary to pass the exam. Similarly, when you are an actor who let’s say doesn’t speak Finnish but have got the role of a Finnish tech giant, then you need to speak the language but don’t know how to.

So you reach an impasse in both these situations and give up? Of course not. What you do is what I did when I was struggling with my German in first year of college. You hire a teacher or a coach to help you get to the other side. Maybe you also have German language this year or you are reading for the role of a German brewery owner or monk. How do you ace the language and speak the same with the right accent?

I came across Britta Zeimer, a German teacher and dialect coach from Berlin but currently living in Vancouver, Canada just a few weeks before my German exam. I was struggling and she came in as my knight in shining armor with great tips and advice on how to speak German in a way so that my teacher finally understood me. I passed my exam with good numbers all thanks to her.

She’s a woman with many achievements under her belt and yet ceases to rest. She has been a German teacher and dialect coach for quite some time now and has coached several adults, children and actors alike. She teaches marvelously as is said by people other than me that she has worked with. Britta works mostly with actors for their auditions or upcoming scenes in TV shows and movies alike. She helps actors to ace German accents around the globe via Skype. So you don’t need to go to Vancouver to get Britta to coach you.

She even has coached actors like Luke Kleintank, Rufus Sewell, Bella Heathcote, Sebastian Roché, Sean Maguire and Falk Hentschel, how cool is that?

Ok, I know firsthand, it’s not an easy task to learn a new language, but is not a herculean one as well when you have Britta Zeimer by your side. Go to her website and take a look yourself: Be it your German language exam or your upcoming audition, she will not let you down.

She is the apple to your pie!!