Garden Resort Where to Go in Jakarta

Want to travel exciting but constrained funds? Do not worry, with minimal funds any traveler can still stroll fun in Jakarta. Jakarta has many cool parks that can be visited for free. So, if you think Where to Go in Jakarta, this is 4 parks you should visited. Visiting tourist attractions of the city park is not less interesting by visiting other tourist attractions in Jakarta. In addition, to have fun also did not have to bother to spend the cost. There are 4 parks in Jakarta for a free weekend tour:

  1. Ayoda Park is very crowded by visitors’ especially young couples on a Sunday night, in addition because of this park is free, it will be getting crowded with many street vendors are selling. Its cozy place with slightly dim lighting makes this place a favorite for some travelers who want to spend the night.Its location is located in the area of ​​Barito, South Jakarta, Taman Ayodya is a free tourist attractions are interesting to visit. The excitement of the garden when night comes with the accompaniment of street musicians who do not stop singing becomes the impression of being from this place.If the traveler is hungry and want to taste good culinary, you can try to eat curry bend or famous as ‘Gultik’. This culinary is very popular and spread in the area of ​​Blok M to Barito, we can find it near the church beside Ayodya Park.
  2. Taman Suropati is the most crowded park visited by tourists every day. The park is heavily crowded with visitors on Sunday nights. There will be many motorcycles parked on the side of the road near the park to make the traffic flow little bit choked up. Visiting this place does not need to cost anything at all, in addition to gather this place is also more festive because every weekend Taman Suropati also used as a place for music performances held by the Suropati Art community. Food vendors around the park also complement your night while listening to the music of Taman Suropati. It is located between Imam BonjolStreet and PangeranDiponegoro Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Although this park is a free tourist attractions but visitors must still be able to maintain the cleanliness of the park area. After enjoying the joy of the park with the food we eat, do not forget to throw the garbage in the available garbage.
  3. Situ Lembang Park is a beautiful park that rarely known traveler, it is very close to Suropati Park. But a little hidden within the elite housing area of ​​Menteng make this park less popular with Taman Suropati. If Taman Suropati has a fountain, Situ Lembang Park has a large artificial lake with a comfortable jogging track. An interesting place to gather with family and beloved friends. The right time to visit this park is when the afternoon, many locals who relax while enjoying the view of the lake by eating cheap snacks available throughout the park.
  4. Being on Jalan HOS Cokroamino to Taman Menteng is also a favorite traveler who searching for free weekend tour in Jakarta. This park is crowded by visitors when the night of Sunday, in addition to gathering and culinary tours this place is also fun to be used for a place to exercise. This park is purposely made to be green open space (RTH) and also for free recreation facilities in Jakarta. The more interesting because this park there are some facilities that can be used by local people and visitors such as children’s playground, basketball court and futsal field.