Foods you shouldn’t miss out on in Montreal

What other way can you feel more pleased with yourself than consuming the most soul and body satisfactory foods a city reputable for its food can offer?  Montreal is known for its culturally rich and diverse food availability, and its dishes have developed an obsession in surrounding city dwellers. It’s not surprising that it has very many restaurants that conveniently accommodate all classes of people. No doubt, Montreal has great foods for anyone and everyone.  Whether you’re from Montreal or you’re visiting, especially if you are visiting, then you should take your time to taste the city’s best food. Your visit is so incomplete without paying a visit to the restaurants and selecting from the different dining options. Strictly for food lovers, here’s a list of foods not in any particular order, you shouldn’t miss out on.

Bagels with cream cheese

Why this is first on the list is something you have to find out yourself. I don’t know exactly what its preparation procedures are, but its damn wise to hit up a restaurant for sizzling hot bagels straight from the oven. The original St-Viateur will do just fine. It’s also wise to get whole shebang from a café, perfect combo, your choice though.

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French fries for the adventurous, La Bansquise or Fameux Viande offer irresistible poutine as it is topped with cheese curds and slicked in the finest gravy.

Steak at Rib’n Reef

Montreal is a city for the beef lovers. Whichever side you’re on, the best steaks are served at Rib’n Reef. You’d probably end up addicted to beef like many others. Irresistible juicy steaks served with savory sauces and vegetables will make every day of your life delicious.

The “Steame”

Enjoy this iconic menu item in Montreal as steamed hot dog is dressed with mustard, cabbage and onions. Montreal pool room for exquisite hot dogs is perfect but regular counters and local spots do just fine.

Orange Julep

Always wondered how a drink could feel so creamy and have the original orange flavor. Do we really have to know? As long as I keep enjoying my Julep at Gibeau orange Julep, I have no problems at all. Hint: your fries will wash down perfectly with this awesome drink.

That particular “Burger”

Dic Ann’s is reputable for its thin buns and the spicy mystic meat creatively sandwiched in-between. Montreal’s very own burger is light and enjoyable; you should do this every now and then.