First-ever Asian YOTEL opens right in the heart of Singapore

One of the most rapidly expanding chains of “micro-hotels”, YOTEL, has chosen Singapore to act as its first base of operations in all of Asia. The YOTEL Singapore is expected to open its doors for business by the end of October 2017.

Located at 366 Orchard Rd., this new hotel is going to feature futuristic and modern amenities, a design aesthetic that is quite unlike any other hotel chain found anywhere around the world, and the kind of personalized service and luxury services never before available at these relatively affordable prices.

Featuring 610 rooms (each of which are described as “cabins”), every single cabin in the YOTEL Singapore hotel is going to be equipped with a 100% adjustable smart that, a technology wall and smart TV and a whole host of other high-technology and futuristic solutions than many other budget focused hotel chains simply cannot offer at their price points.

The Singapore YOTEL is expected to become the flagship of the Asia chain of these hotels that is to be completed by 2025, with these kinds of hotels popping up across all of the major Asian hotspots – including in China and Japan. Describing itself as a hotel company that provides every luxury possible to guests as they stay in these “cabins” – giving them everything they need and nothing that they don’t – YOTEL has been able to establish itself as one of the most exciting and inviting places to stay anywhere in the world.

This hotel chain was originally founded in London back in 2007, with 46 “cabins” available to take advantage of at the London Gatwick Airport. Shortly after that, this micro hotel chain moved into operations at Heathrow with 32 “cabins” available, and the expansion since that point in time 10 years ago has been rapid and worldwide.

Each new iteration of the YOTEL chain has taken on a completely unique style anesthetic that fits perfectly with the culture that it finds itself in the middle of, all while maintaining the “design language” of the YOTEL chain that has helped it to separate itself from the rest of the pack when it comes to micro hotel options.

The smart technology and focus on innovation and luxury that only YOTEL makes available in all of their hotel rooms is the real differentiator, and many believe that this new operation in the middle of Singapore (one of the hottest spots globally for the startup culture) is only going to have a positive impact on the YOTEL chain worldwide.

New operations are expected to open up in Singapore by the end of 2020 (with a second YOTEL ready to be unveiled at the Jewel Changi Airport by the middle of 2018), and the company is already working to expand operations throughout Australia, India, Malaysia, Japan, and China just as quickly as humanly possible.

Many of the cabins available from the YOTEL Singapore destination have already been booked for about three months after the grand opening, and guests hoping to stay here in the near future are recommended to place their reservation as early and as in advance as possible.

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