5 Tips to Make Your Malaysia Trip Awesome

Have you made up your mind to visit Malaysia during your upcoming vacation? Can you already feel the sun on your face and sand beneath your sand? If yes, then you are ready. Here are 5 tips that can make your Malaysia trip a memorable experience.

  1. Book Malaysia Tour Package

The most exhausting thing about a holiday is not the actual travel but the amount of time you have to invest in planning. You need to look for an accommodation, check airfare, compare the rates, Google places that should be visited, plan your itinerary – gosh, it indeed is a lot of work. Instead, you can just book a tour package to Malaysia and just sit back and relax. Your tour operator will manage the planning headache and let you enjoy in peace.

  1. Stay with Locals

If you are interested in saving some money on accommodation, then you should try to stay with some locals. There are a lot of guest houses and B&Bs that you can find listed on Airbnb. You can find yourself a cheap yet homely place for yourself. The locals will also give you an opportunity to experience their life and culture upfront. If you are going to travel alone, then you can also try couch surfing.

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  1. Eat Street Food

When it comes to food a lot of tourists prefer to walk into a restaurant that offers a fine dining experience. However, there is a more exciting way of tasting the local flavors – the street food. Malaysia has many local markets that serve sumptuous local food that is packed with flavors. Your nostrils will be in overdrive when you visit any of these local eating places.

  1. Transportation

If you are traveling from airport or to the airport then it makes sense to hire a private cab. However, if you plan to just visit local sites then try using the local transportation. Traveling through the local transport system will give you a feel of the daily lives of the Malaysians. You will see a few friendly faces and exchange some lovely smiles. You can also walk your way around the city.

  1. Smile

Smile is the biggest currency that you will be carrying with yourself while in Malaysia. A warm smile here, a friendly gesture there and you will make friends for life. Smile and you feel the enthusiasm of Malaysia.