5 Reasons Why Australians Love Bali

Australians have had a long relationship with Bali & its continuing to flourish. The first half of this year has seen the number of Aussies visiting the island increase by 25 percent when compared to the same period as last year. Bali Indonesia is a popular tourist destination that is known for its forested volcanic mountains, strong surfing beaches, numerous temples, iconic rice paddies, coral reefs, museums and parks.

The top 5 reasons why Australians love Bali is because of:

  • Numerous Attraction Sites

In the entire Indonesian Archipelago, Bali is the most popular and evocative island. A visit here usually sparks a sense of newness which arises from the exotic fragrance of incense in the tropical air to the busy sidewalks and roadside stalls strewn with peanut sellers.
This island is a natural beauty. It has lush landscapes, waterfalls, volcanic peaks, beaches as well as a rich art scene, parks and temples. There are many places to go in Bali. You can visit the Goa Lawah Temple, Bali Safari & Marine Park, Mount Batur, Kuta Beach, the terraced rice paddies in Canggu village etc.

  • The Food

Bali is a place where culture, tradition and modernity mix. The Balinese Cuisine incorporates a lot of spices which are blended with meat, fish and fresh vegetables. The night markets, food stands & fruit vendors sell all types local delicacies. Bali has a great variety of foods and cuisines which suit any kind of palette. A must try Balinese food is the Suckling Pig.

  • Cheap Costs

Tickets costs to many overseas destinations are usually expensive and the journey always feels like it’s endless. This is not the case with Bali. You can fly from Australia to Bali and book yourself to a private villa all in less than 24-hours at half the price of a standard overseas trip.

It’s a treasure trove for shopping and markets are always buzzing with people who sell all types of knick-Knacks. There are plenty of shopping centers & boutiques in Seminyak which sell edgy products at very cheap prices.

This popular holiday destination is also renowned for its budget accommodation and therefore finding a place to stay is never a challenge. There are many holiday resorts and luxury villas in Bali which offer a wide range of affordable accommodation options.

  • Rich culture and heritage

You don’t need to go out of your way looking for a dose of some cultural heritage when you are in Bali, culture and heritage is everywhere. Colorful Balinese ceremonies and festivals are carried out throughout the year in addition to the traditional Balinese music, dance, drama as well local cooking classes which allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in their culture.

  • Friendly locals

Aussies love Bali because it is home to some of the most welcoming and friendliest people in the world. Those who visit the place don’t feel alienated / misplaced as the friendly locals always go out of their way to make them feel at home.

There is everything for everyone here. All these attractions combined with a unique culture, friendly locals and cheap cost of living are the reasons why Bali remains one of the most popular destinations for Australian tourists.